Extraterritorial Glitch: Anti-Telluric Spectrality and Hyperspatial Wandjina

‘Everywhere else in the world the white government sends food and medicine to people who are hungry and sick but not to the Indians. We get nothing, nothing, because the white man never defeated us … we have never been defeated, remember that … We are the people of the wind and water and mountains and we will not be talked into defeat.’

—Gerald Vizenor, ‘Custer on the Slipsteam (1)

(1) Gerald Vizenor, cited in Grace L. Dillon, ‘Introduction: Indigenous Futurisms, Bimaashi Biidaas Mose, Flying and Walking Towards You’, Extrapolation, vol. 57, nos 1–2, 2016, pp. 2–3.


Image: Mildred Mungulu, Two Wandjina Figures, 2010, Ochre on canvas, 61 x 44 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Japingka Gallery Fremantle. 

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Dr. Astarte Rowe received her PhD in Art History from the University of Melbourne. Her articles appear in the International Journal of the Image, World Art, the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art and the Newfoundland Quarterly.    

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