Kellie Wells

Kellie Wells is a visual artist based out of Melbourne who has shown in public galleries, ARIs, festivals and project spaces both in Australia and overseas. Some highlights include presentation of her works I am That I am and Big I Little i in the Melbourne Festival exhibition Crossing Paths With Vivian Meier at CCP 2015, Knight Series 2 at Westspace 2012 and Traveling Through Alpha Space a collaborative art research project at George Paton Gallery 2016. Kellie's research interests centre on self-representation in art and contemporary devotional practices and rituals and is she currently an art studio resident at Phasmid Studio GbR Berlin after being awarded the Fiona Myer International Studio Residency Award for her MFA research exhibition Sacred Sight at the VCA, University of Melbourne 2016. 

Instagram - @kellie_wells_art

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