by Julie Gough


MISSING or DEAD (2019)
185 printed posters first installed in “The Queen’s Domain” forest, Hobart, June 2019, during Dark Mofo. Ink on rag photographique paper, each 34 x 21.2 cm, designed in collaboration with Margaret Woodward, courtesy of the artist.


Ada Byron, Adam, Alexander Pearson, Albert, Ann Le, Anna Anderson, Ann Ricketts, Ann Thomas, Arabella, Arthur Tasman, Bealibo, Beamanrook, Benjamin, Black Bill Ponsonby, Black Billy, Black Billy, Black Boy, Black Kit, Mary Titchett Farum, a boy, Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy Smith, Boy Tyack, Catherine Anderson, Catherine Knopwood, Catherine, Catherine Kennedy, Celia Maragret Walpole Bush, Charles Henry Walpole Bush, Charles Morrison, Charles Mountgarrett Launceston, Charley, Charles Hobart, Charles Frederick Van Diemen, Drunteherniter, George Clark, Charlotte, Christian Marsh, Christiana, Cressy, Dalrymple Briggs, Daniel, David Derwent, Teanic, Droyeyerloinne, Drummernerlooner, Duke, Edward Tomlins, Eliza Robinson, Esther Scott, Eliza Briggs, Emily, Fanny Hardwicke, Fanny, Fanny, Fanny Cochrane Smith, Fireboke, Frederick, George, George, George John, George Morrison, George Scringer, George Van Diemen, George Weston, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girls, Girl, Girl Wiggins, Hannah McSweeney, Henry, Huana, James, James Jinkins, James Martin, Jacob, Jane Gaskell Foster, Jane Scott, Janet Scott, Jane Smith, Jemmy, Jenny Cox, Jesse Flinders, Jesse, John Briggs, John Clarence, john Shinall, John, John rickets, Joshua Van Diemen, Kickerterpoller, Kitty Scott, Lacklay, Lorennah, Lucy Murray, Lurnerminner, Margaret Thomas, Maria Davis, Mary Dempsey, Maria Harrington, Maria Campbell, Martha, Mary, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Mary Ann Briggs, Mary Ann Brown, Mary Ann Robinson, Mary Ann Scott, Mary Ann Thompson, Mary Dobson, Mary Reed Cronan, Mathinna, Maulboyheener, Menou, Moretermoreererluneher, Moriarty, Mowana, Mungo, Myyungge, Nancy Smith, Nancy Allen, Nannie, Nicermenic, Nollahallaker, Pangernowededic, Pelloneneminner, Pierrapplener, Rebecca Scott, Robert, Robert Bromley, Robert Hobart May, Robert Mccauley, Robert Murray, Robert New Norfolk, Rolepana, Ruth, Sally, Samuel, Samuel Harrington, Sarah May, Sarah Scott, Sombruna, Susannah, Tanganuturra, Teddy Flinders, Teengerreennenner, Teetoreric, Tegg, Tekartee, Tendeloin, Tharnebunger, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas Brune, Thomas Harlin Ramsdale, Thomas Maxey, Thomas Scott, Thomas Thompson, Tillenner, Timernidic, Tommy, Toobelongter, Tully, Tunnerminnerwait, Van Diemen, Walkenny, Walter George Arthur, Waubdebar, William, William Lanne, William Lyttleton Quamby, William Thomas, Woreterneemmerunnertatteyenne, Wyerlooberer


MISSING or DEAD was first placed on trees in the bush forest of the Queens Domain adjacent to Government House in Hobart in June 2019. Following an earlier work Some Tasmanian Aboriginal children living with non-Aboriginal people before 1840 (2008), MISSING or DEAD is an expanded version, relating by name and known details, Tasmanian Aboriginal children who were stolen by colonists before 1850 in Van Diemen's Land. These 185 were a small fraction of the children taken, perhaps only 20%, the remainder unrecorded, probably dying soon after removal from their families. The genocidal intent of Aboriginal child removal by colonists cannot be discounted when presented en masse in this manner. Each print presents, beneath silhouettes of either a boy or girl, information noted by colonists about each child. The profiles are traced from the monochrome portraits of Numbloote ("Jenny") and Probelattener ("Jemmy") themselves stolen children, made by colonial artist Thomas Bock c.1831-35 and held in the British Museum.