Gesture (70 degrees East), New Day Rising

By Steven Rhall



Below are research images and documentation of 'Gesture (70 degrees East), New Day Rising', Installation, Melbourne Now, 2016. 

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Surveyor-General, Victoria
Excerpt, Map of Melbourne, 1855
Sheet 1 of 4 (North-West) showing current CBD
Melbourne University and General Cemetery
State Library of Victoria, Victoria,
Source: Wikimedia

'Various interventions and gestures contribute to a ‘narrative of place’ where authorship both expands and narrative is sometimes disrupted. Intervening in the physicality of ‘M Shed’ responds to the site of the Queen Victoria Market via co-opting the grid, a device in the demarcation of (cemetery) space and colonial tool in the ‘making’ of Melbourne.
Orientating the east–west grid of the QVM itself (here a mark of colonial Christian perspective) to that of the Land activates the site in a manner which acknowledges both a deeper history and those denied customary practice and culture. This figurative gesture manifests in the physicality of site, the activation occurring through light, shadow and the perpetual rhythms of nature.

2016 – Site responsive
This work was commissioned by Public Art Melbourne as part of the 2016 Biennial Lab and stood on site for a duration of 10 months. The top image documents part of 'Performance Event,' a collaborative once off performance work including Hannah Donnelly, Kate Ten Buuren, Sarah Rudledge and Marcel Feillafe. ' [1]


Steven Rhall

 'Gesture (70 degrees East), New Day Rising', 2016

Melbourne Now, first image courtesy of the artist and Brent Edwards

Rest of the documentation images courtesy of the artist and Bryony Jackson







Steven Rhall
'Shed drawing', 2016
Studies for 'Gesture (70 degrees East), New Day Rising', Melbourne Now (2016)

Courtesy of the artist



Below Steven Rhall, 'Time Lapse',  in preparation of 'Gesture (70 degrees East), New Day Rising', Installation, Melbourne Now, 2016. 



[1] Steven Rhall, 'Gesture (70 degrees East), New Day Rising', text extracted from website link, Melbourne Now, 2016.