NoctilucaScreen Project: Experimental Cinema in the Anthropocene: A Curatorial Proposal for a Cosmomorphic Cinema

As a practitioner of cinematic modes of experience within the context of the current ecological collapse, it is clear to me that the gesture of shooting is not in itself enough in order to occupy the position of a filmmaker. It is also necessary to create a gesture of hospitality towards the images that are instituted when passed from body to body: a gesture of care, of welcome, of curating-as-healing that makes possible the emergence of a fragile and ‘ephemeral community’1 of images as part of an ‘ecology of practices’2 that animates the cosmic cinematograph. These gestures sustain the cosmogenetic process in which we are images among images, and in which the world is a≈rmed as a cinema that makes pluriverses proliferate, ones that are always more-than-human.



Title image:

Lukas Marxt
Reign of Silence, 2013
Film still
Courtesy of the artist

Sebastian Wiedemann is a filmmaker-researcher and philosopher, working in the fields of experimental cinema and environmental humanities. He is also editor and curator at Hambre | espacio cine experimental. He is the author of Deep Blue: Future Memories of A Living’s Cinematic In-Between (Evidence, 2019).