Insect Economy

Debris Facility is a corporate entity established in 2015 whose portfolio enacts parasitism through im/material exchange and the administration of post-commodities. They produce a multiplicity of artworks, programs and performance in ‘Victoria’, where they are a MFA candidate under the supervision of Spiros Panigirakis and Nicholas Mangan at Monash University. Working with pedagogy with Liquid Architecture and the Victorian College of the Arts expands the collective scope of the Facility. Debris Facility is represented by Debris Facility Pty Ltd.

Alert to both history and science, Nicholas Mangan is a multi-disciplinary artist known for unearthing and interrogating narratives embedded in objects, times and places. Through a practice bridging drawing, sculpture, film and installation, Mangan creates politically astute and disconcerting assemblages that address some of the most galvanising issues of our time: the ongoing impacts of colonialism, humanity’s fraught relationship with the natural environment and the complex and evolving dynamics of the global political economy. Mangan is represented by Sutton Gallery, Melbourne; Mossman Gallery, Wellington; and Labor, Mexico City.