Dead Air

Immersive audio walk 9’50

By Sarah Walker


An immersive binaural audio walk that blurs the lines between speculative fiction and reality. Designed to be listened to in situ at RMIT Melbourne. Still accessible in your isolated bedroom.


Starts near Rodda Lane, behind building 2.


You’ll need a phone and a pair of headphones.


Navigate to in your phone web browser.




Walk to Swanston St and cross the road at the lights.

Walk south towards La Trobe St.

Turn left down the passageway between Building 8 and RMIT Gallery.

When you get to the brick building, turn right.

You’ll see a blue seating area. Stand under the circular blue canopy, facing into the square, like this:


Dead Air _Page_1.jpg

Sarah Walker, Dead Air, Immersive binaural audio walk. 9'50,  Melbourne, 2019. 



The track will tell you where to go.


Sarah Walker, Dead Air, Immersive binaural audio walk, 9'50, Melbourne, 2019.