A Apology

by Natalie Harkin

(reprint from Dirty Words, Cordite Press Inc., Victoria, Australia, 2015, pp.1–2)

Our people have lived with the consequences of unwanted uranium mining for over three decades.

-Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation, 23 August 2014



one million litres

uranium-waste                spilling

Kakadu's wetlands


another toxic

reminder                     Fukushima's



where black-rain falls              out

seeps      beyond exclusion zones

that absorb like skin


Evacuate Now!

don't breathe     suns      set forever

on yesterday's light


for years         oceans will

drift Japan's meltdown-horror

on global currents


uranium source?

                Kakadu Australia

two lands united


from Kakadu to

Japan                this mournful haunting

echoes       Chenobyl


with heart-resolve

Traditional Owners state

their Apology


Welcome Mr Naoto Kan

[ex-Prime Minister of Japan]

we are very sad

we are very sad

the ongoing disaster

in Japan

come witness the impact

of where it began

at the start

of this nuclear



while Coalition-

Governments mock          unmoved        by

another Sorry


(see Land Rights; Wilderness; Zero Tolerance)

Photo 22-4-19, 5 38 01 pm small.jpg

Yhonnie Scarce

Phone Box, 2019

Maralinga Village, South Australia