To Disappear Entirely

Let’s say there is a farmer who likes to photograph his animals. He considers himself to be an amateur artist—nothing too fancy—a hobbyist, sure, but a passionate one. Each day, when he finishes work on the farm, he sets up his tripod and Canon EOS 750D, taking great pleasure in carefully arranging the frame. His favourite subjects are pigs, but he also enjoys photographing turkeys, sheep and cows.


Image: Factory-farming of eggs, engraving.

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Nick Modrzewski is an artist and barrister working in Melbourne. He has recently shown work at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, the Australian High Commission Singapore, Spring 1883 Sydney, Fort Delta Melbourne, TCB Melbourne and MILS Gallery Sydney. His writing has been published in Un magazine, The Lifted Brow, Fireflies, Canary Press, Voiceworks and The Research Handbook for Art and Law (forthcoming).