Art + Australia #55_1: The Miracle |

ISSN 0004-301 X
169 pages | Softcover | B&W and colour images 
RRP $19.99 (inc GST) 
October 2018

Editor: Edward Colless
Authors: Robert Cook, Tai Mitsuji, James Henry Collin, Thomas H. Ford, Chris Arneaud-Clarke, Adrian Martin, Jennifer Spinks, Sigi Jöttkandt, The Telepathy Project, Robyn Adler, Penelope Trotter, Peter Hill, Deborah Sims, Cristina Álvarez López

Don’t call the miracle a ‘supernatural’ event or manifestation. Don’t think of it as something conspicuously beyond or patently contrary to recognised norms and ascertained laws of nature. Think of the miracle, instead, as an intoxicating additive to nature—the injection of surcharge, both as a cost and pay-off, but in degree and level comparable to an overdose (be it electrical voltage, financial credit or of incorporeal status like charisma, whether that’s psychic or libidinal). In gaming, this surcharge is sometimes called ‘extra life’: resurrection or remission as an extended duration of the game that can only be realised in expenditure. (The only value of such an extra life is in its depletion.) In game terms, extra life is not an investment in narrative but an index of ludic dissipation. By deferring death and trivialising death’s symbolic function, it provides more playing time. It is a sort of miracle, even if programmed into the operating routine of the platform...—SFX, Edward Colless


4-13_ SFX | Edward Colless
14-159_ passi_26 days: up, and so to bed (the miracle, the mirage) | curated project by Robert Cook
18-25_ The myth of the Miracle Maker | Tai Mitsuji
32-37_ The Miracle and the Abstracting Lens | James Henry Collin
44-51_ Miracles 24/7 | Thomas H. Ford
52-57_ Miraculations of the Void | Chris Arneaud Clark
64-69_ Lighting in a Bottle | Adrian Martin
76-81_ Turbulent Skies, Devastated Cities | Jennifer Spinks
82-89_ The Awkward Angel | Sigi Jöttkandt
90-99_ Making Meetings with the Miraculous | The Telepathy Project ( Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent)
106-115_ In hoc signo vinces | Robyn Adler
122-135_ Say What? | Penelope Trotter, Danielle Freakley, Edward Colless
142-145_ Digital Empathy: A Miracle of Rare Device | Peter Hill
150-155_ Behold | Deborah Sims
160-165_ Mixed Blessings | Cristina Álvarez López

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