Art + Australia #53_2: Extraterritoriality |

ISSN 0004-301 X
121 pages | Softcover | B&W and colour images 
RRP $19.99 (inc GST) 
May 2017

Editor: Edward Colless
Authors: Edward Colless, Mark Feary, Tessa Laird, Darryl Bowes, Amy Ireland, Imants Tillers, Guillame Savy, Sigi Jöttkandt, Cait Storr, Matthew Shannon, Astarte Rowe, Chantal Faust

Extraterritoriality is a word most commonly applied to the hermetic terrain of diplomatic missions, embassy grounds and foreign military or intelligence bases: a sovereign part of one state inscribed onto—while nonetheless circumscribed by or cordoned, detached or even quarantined from—the soil of another, its host country. It can also refer to a plot of land ceded temporarily from one country to another for activities that require relatively neutral ground, such as a trial that needs to be witnessed independent of national interests; or, inversely, activities that need specifically not to be witnessed. It suggests indistinct, nondescript geographic or metropolitan nooks and crannies—‘safe houses’ or ‘non-places’—that go unnoticed by outsiders and, in some cases, remain unrecognisable to those being interrogated and tortured on the inside. Extraterritorial zones don’t necessarily fall off the map; a truce bestows the safe passage for an alien political representation to parlay, whether it’s an ally or foe... —x-it, Edward Colless


4-9_ x-it | Edward Colless
10-120_ The Art of the Deal, the Deal of the Art: Setting a Pictorial Mise en scène | Mark Feary
16-27_ Particularity: Swarms, Storms and Other Matters | Tessa Laird
30-39_ Body/Nobody: Uncanny Soma and Seeing in Australia | Darryl Bowes
42-47_ The Alien Inside | Amy Ireland
52-59_ Metafisica Australe | Imants Tillers
68-73_ On the World as Outline | Guillame Savy
78-82_ Territory X | Sigi Jöttkandt
85-87_ Mark the Territory, Make the World: Notes on Law and Territoriality | Cait Storr
90-98_ The Unvironment | Matthew Shannon
100-111_ Extraterritorial Glitch: Anti Telluric Spectrality and Hyperspactial Wandjina | Astarte Rowe
112-116_ Let's Go Outside | Chantal Faust

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