Writing + Concepts 2017 |

Volume 2 ISBN 978-0-9953925-7-1
179 pages | Softcover | B&W and colour images
277mm H x 220mm W
RRP $35.00 (inc GST)

Editor: Jan van Schaik
Authors: Jan van Schaik, Su Baker, Spiros Panigirakis, Daniel von Sturmer, Paul Carter, Darren Sylvester, Anthony Carew, Carolyn Eskdale, Yhonnie Scarce, Ben Eltham, Natasha Johns-Messenger, Julie Leyre, Anusha Kenny, Nathan Gray, Open Spacial Workshop, Brooke Babington, Rushdi Anwar, Fayen D'Evie, Van Badham, Mark Feary, Jason Phu, Jamie O'Connell , Erik Jensen, Paola Balla, Patrice Sharkey, Caitlin Patane.

How might writing generate art and art generate writing? In this hybrid space, images and words interact, shift and borrow from one another. WRITING & CONCEPTS challenges traditional approaches to writing and highlights new perspectives within contemporary practice.

WRITING & CONCEPTS takes its title from a critically-focused lecture series conceived by Jan van Schaik. It explores the many ways in which creative practitioners engage with writing as part of their artistic practices. With contributions from writers and artists including Maura Edmond, Nikos Papastergiadis, Agatha Gothe-Snape and Callum Morton among many others, this publication reflects on the 2017 lecture series. It is also a vital addition to A+A Publishing’s recently launched Documents Series. As its name suggests, the Documents Series engages with watershed moments in Australian art and writing through the collation of archival material, artworks, creative writing and contextual essays.


4-7_ Foreword | Su Baker
8-14_ Reflections on Space | Jan van Schaik
16-25_ Oh | Spiros Panigirakis
26-31_ Withholding Narratives | Daniel Von Sturmer
32-39_ Projections | Paul Carter
40-45_ me, me, me, me. That is all I ever think about | Darren Sylvester
46-49_ 'So, What Did You Think?' | Anthony Carew
50-55_ : before : room : after : | Carolyn Eskdale
56-61_ Product of His Majesty | Yhonnie Scarce
62-70_ Art in the Time of Trump | Ben Eltham
72-75_ Solid Ephemeral | Natasha Johns-Messenger
76-81_ Looking for Common Ground | Julien Leyre
82-87_ The Cursing Stone | Anusha Kenny
88-94_ Nathan Gray
96-101_ Works, working, work | Open Spatial Workshop
102-107_ All w/o Tongue | Brooke Babington
108-113_ The Notion of Place and Displacement | Rushdi Anwar
114-117_ Tactile Poetics and Embodied Reading | Fayen D'Evie
118-121_ Art and Mobilisation | Van Badham
122-127_ Hope Dies Last: Strategies for Curatorial Optimism | Mark Feary
128-133_ Contemporary Use of Chinese Calligraphy | Jason Phu
134-139_ Carspa Scarpa | Jamie O'Connell
140-149_ Picturing Holes: The Archive of Kate Jennings | Erik Jensen
150-156_ Writing Blak to the Future: Situating the Ways Aboriginal Matriarchs Protect and Resist with Art and Story | Paola Balla
158-161_ Essential Selection Criteria: Excellent Communication Skills | Patrice Sharkey
162-169_ Who Writes | Caitlin Patane

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