Reading List: Typical Films

| Giles Fielke

Reading List: Typical Films

Reading List: Typical Films | Giles Fielke

Online Archives, Newsletters, and Repositories

Artists Film Workshop (Naarm/Melbourne) 
Arthur and Corinne Cantrill
Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Australian Film Institute Research Collection
Cinema Papers 1969-1970, State Library of Victoria, Australia
Cinema Papers 1974-2001, University of Wollongong, Australia
The filmmaker 1975-19uu / Melbourne Filmmakers’ Co-op, State Library of Victoria, Australia
Filmnews 1971-1995 (Sydney Filmmakers Co-operative with the Assistance of the Australian Film Commission), State Library of Victoria, Australia
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers (Innersense / Bill Masoulis)
Mesh: film/video/media/art, nos. 1-12 (1993-1999), State Library of Victoria, Australia
Metro Magazine
Modern Image Makers’ Association Newsletter, State Library of Victoria, Australia
National Film and Sound Archive  
Pure Shit – a website devoted to alternative Australian cinema 
Screening the Past 
Senses of Cinema
Super eight: newsletter of the Melbourne Super 8 Group (19uu-2001), State Library of Victoria, Australia.


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