The system may have got you but it won't get me—Constellations, Marco Fusinato

Marco Fusinato’s, Constellations, 2015, thunders within and without of Carriageworks, one of the key venues of this year’s Biennale of Sydney curated by Mami Kataoka titled Superposition: Equilibrium & Engagement. In simple terms the Superposition Principle is a theory in quantum physics that argues that particles can exist across all possible states at the same time, continuously shifting from one state to another—like (sound) waves lapping over each other.

Elyse Goldfinch is an independent curator and writer based in Sydney. Alongside her independent curatorial projects, she currently works as Executive Assistant & Curatorial Liaison at Artspace, Sydney and was appointed curator of the GreenWay Art Prize in 2017. Elyse holds a Bachelor of Art Theory (Hons.) from UNSW Art & Design and is currently completing her Masters of Art Curating at the University of Sydney.

Archie Barry is an artist and writer currently based in Narrm (Melbourne). They work primarily with performance and video.

Ravi Avasti is an artist based in Kyneton, Victoria. He is currently undertaking a Master of Contemporary Art at VCA, University of Melbourne. Ravi is investigating metamorphosis, with a focus on the mushy bit in between the made and the remade.

Australian expat Katie Lenanton writes, wonders and researches curatorially from Helsinki, Finland, where she has recently completed a MA in Curating, Mediating and Managing Art. She is currently interested in working with undisciplined knowledges, unworkable objects, object love, dust and haunting.


Rhys Ryan is an emerging contemporary dance maker, performer and writer based in Melbourne. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) from the Victorian College of the Arts and is engaged as a performer and choreographer in Melbourne’s independent dance scene. Before his career in the performing arts, Rhys practised as a corporate lawyer.

Danni McGrath is a printmaker, zine maker, collector, dog enthusiast, intern, cyclist and otherwise general purpose artist. McGrath works independently and collaboratively to make work on a range of topics including public transport, business theory, media ownership, dogs and her hometown of Perth. These works take the form of drawings, screen prints, booklets, photographs and websites.

Anthony Sawrey is a journo, occasional installer and aficionado of contemporary art living in Victoria.

The Habitat of Time

Time-travelling, Then and Now, Again

Time is pivotal in determining how we produce reality—and produce it we do, by the cloud-full—yet as a medium, it is difficult to examine as it never simply appears. While countless traces of its presence exist in and around us, time is a thingless thing that remains fundamentally elusive.

The Lulennial II: A Low Hanging Fruit, Curated by Andrew Berardini and Chris Sharp

As anyone who has ever accidentally caught the eye of a stranger while eating a banana will know, there is something rather ridiculous—not to mention sexy—about fruit. It seems like an odd topic for a biennial, which, if we have learnt anything from the 2017 biennial/perennial exhibition season (dOCUMENTA 14, Venice Biennale et al.), should be high-minded to the point of humourlessness. But then, ‘The Lulennial II: A Low Hanging Fruit' is no ordinary biennial.