‘Because we are not their masks, even the most bizarre perversions are subject to the principle of refinement.’

—Pier Paolo Pasolini


A fragment from a minor dialectic

B. Let me make it quite clear: art has the privilege and the prerogative, indeed the obligation, to do wilful violence to itself and philosophy.

Z. But is this not a reiteration of an avant-gardism, with all the cloying obsolescence that clings to this failure of the will and representation, which could be framed as a modernist malice against Schopenhauer? I recall Kazimir Malevich’s four-volume invective, at least in translation, which had as its anathematised object the emanations from Schopenhauer's World-Picture. 

 Dr. Bernhard Sachs, artist, lives and works in Melbourne. He has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally since 1977, has been the recipient of a number of grants and residencies including Citè International des Arts, Paris (1990) and PS1/ Institute of Contemporary Art, New York (1993-4) has lectured in art since 1986, and was the convenor of the art project Office of Utopic Procedures. Existential thematics constellated around questions of history and representation and their obsessional underwriting drive the research and work. He is represented by NKN Gallery, Melbourne.